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at the lodge

Welcome to Lulu's at The Lodge, a culinary gem nestled in the heart of Jamberoo, just 90 minutes south of Sydney, 30 from Wollongong and 10 from the picturesque town of Kiama. 

At Lulu's we offer a dining experience like no other. With a seating capacity of 100 people in our indoor restaurant, a huge outdoor area for up to 200 guests with festoon lights and firepits, and our intimate Fin's bar for up to 50 patrons, we have ample room to cater to your every need.

Our menu features Australian cuisine infused with a Euro twist. But Lulu's is not just about great food and killer cocktails. After months of renovations, we have created a unique space that captures the essence of Europe, right here in Jamberoo. The fusion of the original artworks, the epic ceiling mural, the collection of hard-hunted antique furniture and bespoke modern pieces and the stunning lights add to the allure of your dining experience.

Whether you're seeking a new culinary adventure, a place to unwind and relax with friends, a new menu to explore, a kid-friendly restaurant or a cool new place to have a good time and enjoy some live music on the weekends, Lulu's promises an experience that will exceed your expectations.

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